shaving made simple

Now that we’re into a new season it’s the perfect time to make a change, like going clean shaven. Keeping that beard at bay doesn’t need to take a lot of effort though, not when you can get razors, blades and all manner of shaving skincare boxed up and delivered right to your door. These are the subscriptions worth signing up for.

cornerstone | london on the inside


As well as German-engineered razors, Cornerstone keep your skin covered too with their range of pre- and post-shave scrubs, gels and creams.

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dorco | london on the inside


Dorco created the first six and seven blade razors, so you only get the latest shaving technology from these guys.

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the personal barber | london on the inside

The Personal Barber

If you like a traditional shave, The Personal Barber packs their boxes with retro razors and brushes, plus a mystery gift as an extra treat.

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king of shaves | london on the inside

King of Shaves

Whether you want high performance or no nonsense, King of Shaves will deliver, with blade guards and wall holders as standard.

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clean shaven | london on the inside

Clean Shaven

Good quality blades at an even better price, Clean Shaven will keep you that way without any hassle.

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